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You can dress yourself and your family with these classic, fashionable, and high quality spiral tie dye shirts. The swirl or spiral was a standard pattern of 60s fashion, but these tie dye shirt designs are now even better given modern day dyeing procedures, dyes, and patterns. You will not be disappointed with these hand tie dyed shirts once you see in person the brilliant colors, the heavyweight cloth, and the artistic details. While there are many tie dye vendors around, there are only a few (like us) who offer higher grade tie dye fashion at reasonable prices.

Tip 1: These premium shirts are 100% cotton, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk. Men; please order one size larger for a loose fit. Ladies; order your normal size for a close fit or one size up for a loose fit.
Tip 2: Do not be surprised at all the compliments you get wearing these tie dye shirt patterns.

12 Color Spiral Tie Dye Shirts
Extreme Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Shirt
Pink and Blue Spiral Shirts
A popular tie dye shirt dyed with many color shades and in the popular swirl pattern. A bright cheery rainbow tie dye shirt for people who love multi-colored clothes.

A popular classic shirt dyed with extreme rainbow colors. A kaleidoscope of colors including shades of red, blue, yellow, green, and purple.

A beautiful pink and blue shirt dyed in a wide spiral design. A wonderful t shirt perfect for baby showers or just any day.

Dark Rainbow Spiral Shirt
Stained Glass Swirl Tie Dye T-Shirt
Stained Glass Rasta Tie Dye Shirts
A high quality swirl shirt dyed in darker colors. A combination of colors including yellow, purple, orange, blue, and green colors provide a vintage 60's look.

A modern coloring scheme accents this tight tie dye spiral pattern. Alternating narrow bands of color including black makes a modern looking shirt.

Rasta colors combine with our stained glass design to create a fresh look. The tight bands of bright colors give a party loving feel.

Offset Spiral Spruce Tie Dye Shirt
Southwest Canyon Shirts
Southwest Sage T Shirts
A bold tee dyed with a blend of blues, greens, and black and in an offset tie dye spiral. This pattern presents a very unique and subdued look in a class swirl pattern.

Shirts made with warm earth tones and feather-like accents. Shades of red, brown, gold, and white with black points gives these shirts a southwestern desert look.

Awesome shirts dyed with a mixture of colors including sage, tan, and black. A pattern and colors that creates a popular southwestern look.

Black and Red Spiral Shirt
Southwest Turquoise T Shirt
Cranberry Spiral Shirt
A combination of black and red creates a unique tie dye spiral shirt. A unique high quality item for parties and Halloween night and groups.

Turquoise and desert colors combine with southwest styling to create a unique western, colorful, and eye catching tie dye spiral.

A complementary mixture of colors including cranberry, green, blue, and lavender gives these tie dye shirts a true 60s look. A high quality tee that is great for every day.

Red White and Blue Spiral Shirt
Purple Haze Shirt
Rainbow Spiral Pocket Tee
Show off your red, white, and blue in style with this eye catching shirt. This clothing has a patriotic feel that never goes out of style.

Multiple spirals of purple shades are dyed in a classic swirl pattern. A highly popular shirt for the masses that love a different color for tie dye.

A classic wide spiral shirt styled in classic rainbow colors and with a pocket sewn over the left chest. Traditional bright rainbow tie dye with a pocket added.

Candy Corn Spinner Tie Dye Shirt
Twilight Spiral Shirt
Rainbow Pink Swirl Shirt
A great t shirt dyed in candy corn colors with a spinner design. A shirt perfect for every season but especially perfect for the Halloween look.

A pretty tie dye shirt that includes subdued shades of purple and blue. A long lasting heavy weight item with complimentary colors. This item is a long time favorite available in adult and youth short / long sleeves.

A beautiful tie dye shirt that fits males and females of all ages. This shirt is identical to our youth version, and the shirt contains lots of pink plus complimentary colors such as purple, blue, orange, yellow, red, green. A long time popular item with young girls, this shirt is now available in adult and youth sizes.

Rainbow Earth T Shirts
Tan Spiral T Shirt
Camouflage Spiral T Shirt
A perfect combination of tie dye earth tone colors produces a modern stylish green friendly look.

These tees with subtle tie dye shades in a classic pattern have been popular for over 10 years. This clothing contains contrasting colors which include greens, tans, and reds. The subtle look, the contrasting hues, and the swirl pattern gives a vintage 60's look which is especially popular with females.

Subdued tie dye clothes in camouflage pattern and colors. A very nice shirt for people who like the warm earth colors and the outdoor look.

Pastel Spiral Shirt
Rasta Spiral Shirt
Black and Orange Shirt
A recent addition to our very popular spiral line is this soft pastel tie dye t-shirt. Dyed on an all cotton heavy weight short sleeve blank and designed (as requested by our customers) to include soft subdued pastel colors.

Rasta tee shirts for outdoor living. Bright island Rasta colors tie dyed in wide spirals for a summer look.

Black with orange provides for a new tie dye design. A high quality and unique t-shirt that is perfect for Halloween and parties..

Purple and Gold Shirt
Pink and Orange Spiral T Shirt
Red Wild Blue Spiral Shirt
Gold and purple are favorite colors for teams, schools, and clubs. Buy in bulk with screen printing for fund raising efforts.

The striking combination of orange and pink combine to create a fresh spiral tie dye look.

Red, white, and blue combine to form a very popular tie dye spiral pattern. A shirt that can be worn every day and even to patriotic events.

Mardi Gras Shirt Spiral
Blue Green Stained Glass Spiral T-Shirt
Electric Blue and Purple Spiral Shirt
Wide spirals combine with New Orleans party colors to create sensational Mardi Gras clothing. A unique shirt for every party day and especially every February.

A mysterious look combining blue and green colors with a tight spiral design.

A novel new look that combines electric colors and the spiral design.

Island Spiral Tie Dye T Shirt
Rainbow Light Spiral Shirt
Blue Green Purple Spiral
Island type colors (teal and purple) plus a traditional spin create a tie dye design worthy of every day in the sun.

Soft rainbow colors and the classic spiral design create a nice looking tie dye design t-shirt.

An awesome combination of popular colors and wide spirals create a wonderful tie dye t shirt.

St Lucia Tie Dye Shirt
Blue Spider Performance Shirt
Rainbow Spiral Dri Fit Shirt
Island style coloring (green and blue) plus a traditional wide spin create a tie dye design worthy of the name St Lucia.

A tie dye shirt made from 100% polyester material. A performance shirt dyed in a blue spider pattern and made for quick drying.

A tie dye shirt made from 100% polyester material. A performance shirt dyed in a rainbow spiral style and made for quick drying.

Rasta Spiral Tie Dye Shirts
Pink and Gray Spiral Shirt
Pink and Green Spiral Shirt
A wide swirl shirt dyed in bright island colors. Cheery describes this product.

A quality item filled with wide spirals of pink and gray. An awesome color combination dyed on heavy weight all cotton fabric

Wide bands of pink with green create a unique popular look. These contrasting colors that are dyed on a heavyweight tee.

Blue and Gold Spiral Shirt
Purple Spiral Tie Dye Shirt
Cayenne Color Spiral Shirt
This blue and gold spiral tee is a great way to show off your school colors. Buy in bulk for use as a fund raiser.

A most popular color accents the forever popular spiral design. A dual combination of dark and light purple makes this clothing with those who love the color.

An awesome color is dyed in a classic spiral pattern. These t-shirts fit into almost every casual setting or with any pair of slacks. A great shirt for any casual outing.

Turquoise Spider Tie Dye Shirt
Baby Pink Spiral Shirt
Fire Spiral T Shirts
A seldom used color (turquoise) and a catchy spider tie dye pattern create an awesome shirt. A wonderful clothing addition to any wardrobe.

Baby pink is the color and a classic spiral is the design in these t-shirts. A soft and pretty item that is already an instant hit with our customers.

Fiery colors dyed in spiral pattern. A bright high quality shirt suitable for everyday.

Spiral Forest Green T Shirt
Black and Yellow Tie Dye Shirt
Electric Blue Spiral Shirt
An awesome forest green color dyed in a tight spiral. A great shirt for everyday and every occasion.

Our black and yellow spiral tee is a great way to show off your school colors. This shirt is a favorite for youth.

Original and novel are words to describe this electric blue spiral t-shirt.

Tie Dye Tank Tops
Blue Spiral Tie Dye Shirt
Raspberry Spiral Shirt
Tank tops dyed in several of our most popular designs Wide arm openings and full styling makes this shirt popular with men for the warm months.

These spiral blue t-shirts fit many needs and wardrobes. The tees contain light and dark shades of blue tie dye patterns making this shirt popular with everyone.

Bright and unique describes these raspberry spiral tie dye shirt patterns. The cloth contains a combination of light and dark raspberry colors set on the classic spiral design.

Light Green Spiral Shirt
Dark Blue Spiral T Shirt
Maroon Spiral Shirt
An outstanding tie dye t shirt dyed in a light green spiral pattern.

An attractive t shirt tie dyed in a dark blue spiral pattern.

A subdued shirt tie dyed in maroon coloring and a spiral pattern.

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