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History of Tie Dye - Fun Interesting Facts

The Tie Dyed Shop owners are not experts in this subject, but we have pulled the following list of sites that may help you understand better the evolution of this wonderful craft. Learn from these site when tie dye was invented, when tie dye was in style, what does tie dye really mean, and many tie dye facts. Please contact us if we can help you further with this subject.

All Time Favorites
red wild blue tie dye shirt 12 color spiral tie dye shirt twilight spiral tie dye shirt stained glass tie dye shirt extreme rainbow tie dye shirt

Paula Burch Article
A collection of note on various aspects of tie dye from a recognized authority.

Dharma Trading Article
A short lesson from a supplier of clothing blanks and tie dye supplies.

Notes from Wikipedia
A collection of information including some tie dye notes.

Facts and perhaps some opinions from 2600 BC to the 20th century.

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