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How To Tie Dye A Shirt - Various Instruction Tips, Videos, Good Sites to Visit

At the outset, let me say the we the owners are not masters in the tie dying art that started thousands of years ago. We focus our time on finding the best dyers so that we can provide you with the highest quality products. We do know that many diy people want to try their hand at this art, so we have provided on this page locations where you can learn the required skills. I will say the craft is fun. Adults and kids love to band, use cold water, warm water, hot water, colored dye, use a rubber band to secure the shirt ties, and use their washing machine to rinse. So learn the art, the folding tie dye techniques, and instructions from the best in America. Obtain pattern instructions, kits, and free how to instructions from the the masters or craft stores and create a shirt to wear and to show off. Learn how to mix the dye, how to use soda ash, when to wait and not wait 24 hours, how to wear rubber gloves when applying dye, what squeeze bottles to use, the best working surface, and what tie dye sets to purchase for a fast startup.

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Paula Burch Instructions
Free instructions for from a recognized authority. A lot of free pages at this site on mastering or just enjoying the art.

Dharma Trading - Instructions and Supplies
Supplies and instructions from a Dharma Tie Dye: a leading supplier of clothing blanks, tie dye kits, tie dye instruction, and tie dye ideas. Dharma is a long time vendor for all your needs.

You Tube Video
An interesting video of someone displaying techniques and instructions. A really cool video for people who want to learn the art in the driveway.

Step by step pictures with text on dyeing a swirl pattern. The site even offers a pdf download of steps. User questions and answers are also provided.

Provides a 6 steps list for kids to follow. Also provides a nice list of items to gather before undertaking.

Provide steps and pictures on 3 methods. Community questions and answers are at the end.

A great article entitled "Learn How to Make Tie-Dyed Clothes and Crafts".

The Rit Studio
A nice step by step set of instructions on shirt dyeing.

1000+ ideas about Tie Dye on Pinterest
While this page does not contain instructions, the page does give a 1000 pictures of tie dye shirts. The page will certainly enlighten you as to the possibilities, and the options never end. Just when you are pretty sure you have seen all the designs possible, 10 more designs pop up.

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