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This page contains an extensive collection of tie dye dresses. Choose a tie dye maxi dress, a tie dye t shirt dress, tie dye summer dresses, a rainbow tie dye dress, a tie dye tank dress, a tie dye strapless dress, a plus size tie dye dress, or a girls tie dye dress.

Diamond Rainbow Tank Dress
Rainbow Earth Spiral Dress
Baby Doll Tie Dye Top Skirt
TD511 Diamond Rainbow Tank Dress; Find a tie dye tank dress dyed in a modern diamond pattern and in bright rainbow colors.

TD445 Earth Spiral Rainbow Dress; A long sleeved dress dyed in a earth rainbow spiral pattern. A casual dress to wear any day of the year.

TD519 Baby Doll Tie Dye Top Skirt; Find a baby doll tie dye top dyed in a rainbow of colors. A top that can also function as a skirt by tucking the straps inside.

Karma Open Shoulder Tie Dye Dress
Aqua Crinkle Dress
Blue Crinkle Sleeveless Long Tank Dress
TD513 Open Shoulder Karma Dress; This open shoulder Karma styled dress is now available for everyday casual wear. This item is a one size fits most people.

TD436 Horizontal Tie Dye Aqua Dress; A high quality item dyed in various shades including aqua. A beautiful item that can be used for many casual needs.

TD325 Blue Tie Dye Tank Dress; Long sleeveless clothing made in a soft blue crinkle pattern. A casual dress for everyday living.

Twilight Spiral T Shirt Dress
Blue Tie Dye Sleeved Dress
Shades Sun Dresses
TD323 Twilight Tie Dye T Shirt Dress; Sleeved and stylish describe this casual twilight spiral t shirt look. A very nice high quality garment for casual needs.

TD275; Blue Tie Dye Dress; Sleeved casual apparel dyed in a soft blue color with a white wave across the bottom. Measuring 24" wide by 39" long, this item provides a comfortable fit.

TD459; Tie Dye Sun Dress; A beautiful assortment of mid-calf length sun dresses dyed on 100% rayon. Each dress is dyed with 3 shades of the same color. This is a clearance price on this item, and all sales are final.

Rainbow Swirl Butterfly Poncho Top
Rainbow Spiral Moon Dress
Rainbow Spiral Flamenco Dress
TD451; Rainbow Tie Dye Poncho Top; This item has a gathered body, elastic waist, 3/4 sleeves, an awesome pattern, and is dyed in multiple colors.

A rainbow colored and cute light weight dress made in a an A-line design with spaghetti straps and a tiered ruffle.

The look of Spain comes through in this strapless 100% rayon dress. Add an accessory, jewelry, and some shoes and you are ready for a night out.

Rainbow Colored Tie Dye Sarong
Tie Dye Sarong Dress - Rainbow Colors
Rainbow Spiral Sarong Tank Dress
A tie dye item that useful in so many ways. Measuring 72" X 46", the rainbow spiral garment is made from 100% rayon.

A 100% rayon rainbow dress which includes an elastic stretch waist, adjustable straps, and side vents. Shoulder to the hemline measures approximately 49".

A colorful tank dress that is knee length. Measuring approximately 41" in length from the shoulder, a 100% rayon dress is dyed in a beautiful rainbow pattern.

Rainbow Convertible Dress Skirt
Blue Purple Convertible Skirts
Multi-Color Smocked Sun Dress
Colorful, practical, and convertible are words to describe this rainbow colored garment sewn from rayon.

Flexible and pretty describe this 100% rayon blue and purple garment. A garment that is a dress or a skirt and features an elastic top and double ruffles at the bottom.

Multi-color and beautiful are the only words for this smocked sun dress. Blue, pink, black, and white combine to create an original little girls garment. This item run on the large side, so you may want to order a size down.

Peace Sign Tank Dress
Smiley Face Tank Dress
Prairie Wine Heart  Dress - Long Sleeve
Original little girl clothing that is just beautiful. A peace sign on a multi-color tank that can be worn with the Capri pants or by itself.

Little girls clothes with a special look. A yellow smiley face front side plus bright colors make a super tank dress.

A soft all cotton garment with wine colored hearts centered on the front and back. Complimentary black, gray, and wine colors surround the hearts. A lovely item for any girl.

Purple & Blue Peace Sign Girl Outfit
Brown with Pink Heart Girls Dress
Multi-Color Rhumba Outfit
A trendy girl outfit which contains a peace sign embroidered on the chest. A lovely two piece outfit made with 100% cotton and dyed in a stylish pattern and colors.

This long sleeve adorable boutique look is truly a big hit with the girls. Made of 100% Cotton with a big pink heart on the chest.

Made of 100% Cotton, this multi-colored Rhumba outfit is a sure win. Trendy, comfortable, and beautiful are descriptive words for this item. The halter is layered with turquoise, pink, and yellow. Elastic in the back and a tie for around the neck make for a nice fit. The item is made with jersey stretch knit and has an elastic waist for easy comfortable fit.

Drop Waist Wildflower Toddler Dress
Pink and Orange Spiral Tank Dress
Dawn Tie Dye Flower Dress
Another cute short sleeve toddler dress that would look precious on your little girl. The wildflower design and blue soft colors makes a great everyday dress. An added feature is the selection of this dress with or without front pockets.

A special girls dress dyed in a very pretty orange and pink pattern that looks even better in person. As you know pink items look especially good on young girls, and this item is no exception.

Cute and pretty describe this garment dyed in pink with a centered flower on the front.

Horizontal Crinkle Blues Dresses
12 Color Spiral T Shirt Dress
Rainbow Infinity Scarf Shawl
The always popular blues combination of colors strikes again in a simple design.

Sleeved, bright, and stylish describe this casual twelve color spiral t shirt look. High quality casual wear for everyday use.

A highly versatile product tie dyed in bright rainbow colors. An item that can be worn many ways including as a scarf, a shawl, a hooded scarf, and a vest.

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