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Purple Haze Shirt

Purple Haze Shirt

Item# TD361

Purple Haze Tie Dye T Shirt

Key features:
    Heavyweight 6.1 oz cotton
    Full cut and pre-shrunk
    Hand tied and dyed in the USA
    Uses cotton stitching which absorbs the dye
    Adult regular and plus sizes in stock

Product description:
Multiple shades of a wonderful color create a beautiful tie dye spiral shirt appropriately named purple haze. A novel design for the masses who love this shade in the color spectrum. A high quality heavy weight tee (we use 6.1 ounce cotton) dyed with more expense cotton stitching which also absorbs the dye (not like cheaper nylon stitching which does not absorb dye and shows as white lines). A tee shirt that will last for years with proper care and cold water washes. This item that will hold the the shape (no more drooping necklines) and hold the purple coloring. This extremely popular product is difficult to keep in stock in all sizes as so many people love the colors and the wide and narrow spiral design.

►This short sleeve tie dye shirt comes in adult regular and plus sizes small to 6X.