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Pastel Mouse Ear T Shirt

Pastel Mouse Ear T Shirt

Item# TD480

Pastel Mouse Ear Tie Dye T Shirt

Key features:
    Heavyweight 6.1 oz cotton
    Full cut and pre-shrunk
    Hand tied and dyed in the USA
    Uses cotton stitching which absorbs the dye
    Adult regular and plus sizes in stock

Product description:
A perfect pastel ears tie dye shirt awaiting your purchase for summer time and cruise ship wear Beautiful colors and a unique design create a shirt perfect for any setting but especially for vacations. The item is dyed on 6.1 oz cotton, therefore this product will keep the shape and keep the colors. With cold water washing, you will not experience sagging necklines and an out of shape t shirt. But then if someone pulls this shirt off you because they want it, then all bets are off on shape.