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Horizontal Crinkle Pocket Steel T Shirt

Horizontal Crinkle Pocket Steel T Shirt

Item# TD434
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Horizontal Crinkle Tie Dye Pocket Steel T Shirt

SKU:            TD434
Price:           $20.00
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Condition:   New; 100% cotton

Product description:
A high quality tee dyed in steel colors and in a horizontal crinkle pattern.
We say high quality as this shirt is dyed on heavyweight all cotton material and also uses cotton stitching which absorbs the dye. Cheaper shirts use much lighter material and nylon stitching. A good looking pocket shirt (there is a pocket over the left chest side) that is a cut above and will last machine cycles in cold water. Most people needs a pocket t shirt to hold their stuff (pens, pencils, cigarettes, lighters, notes, etc.)