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Tie Dye Tapestries

Tie Dye Tapestries

Item# TD228

Tie Dye Tapestry Patterns

High quality tie dye wall tapestries made in various patterns. Each tie dye tapestry wall hanging is handmade, large, heavy weight, colorful, beautiful for your home, and they combine rainbow and pastel colors. The sides are stitched, and each tapestry measures approximately 61 inches wide by 56 inches high. Suitable for any room, in a door, in a window, or framing, this product will provide enjoyment for years. Note the intricate patterns in the picture. This item is 100% hand tied and dyed which makes the pattern work even more amazing. This item is purchased by churches, businesses, kids, and even students for their college dorm rooms. Choose from a peace sign, a spiral design, the dark star, and a Christian pattern. This product will last many years with proper care which includes cold water washing.