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Breast Cancer Tie Dye Shirt

Breast Cancer Tie Dye Shirt

Item# TD222

Breast Cancer Tie Dye Shirt

Key features:
    Heavyweight 6.1 oz cotton
    Full cut and pre-shrunk
    Hand tied and dyed in the USA
    Uses cotton stitching which absorbs the dye
    Adult regular and plus sizes in stock

Product description:
This beautiful tie dye breast cancer ribbon t-shirt is crafted for the cause. A dark pink ribbon and a light pink crinkle background creates a pretty shirt with a statement. A beautiful shirt for the walks.

►Visit TD222LC for a ladies cut version.
►Prefer long sleeves; visit TD222LS.
►See TD222Y for youth sizes.

The Tie Dyed Shop sells shirts annually for personal use, conferences, gifts, fund raising, and walks. We offer adult short sleeve, adult long sleeve, and youth short sleeve in this style. These shirts are a higher quality than other alternatives as we use heavy weight cotton material and cotton stitching. The shirt is heavier, holds more dye, and will last many cold water machine washes. The cotton stitching also absorbs the giving a prettier shirt over nylon stitching found in cheaper shirts. We are an annual sponsor of various charities including breast cancer research efforts. If you need a bulk order, please contact us for special pricing. To learn more about breast cancer, visit the Susan G. Komen site for lots of information.