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Smiley Face Shirt - Rainbow

Smiley Face Shirt - Rainbow

Item# TD202

Tie Dye Smiley Face Shirt - Rainbow

Key features:
    Heavyweight 6.1 oz cotton
    Full cut and pre-shrunk
    Hand tied and dyed in the USA
    Uses cotton stitching which absorbs the dye
    Adult regular and plus sizes in stock

Product description:
A bright rainbow and yellow tie dye smiley face t shirt made unique and cheery. The yellow face shows on the front and traditional rainbow colors surround. The back has a yellow circle without the eyes and mouth which is perfect for printing names, business information, or just sayings. The application for this product is endless for kids, adults, businesses, and non-profit organizations. You will bring happiness to others when you wear this clothing item.

Smiley Face History
Credit for creating this icon is Harvey Ball. In 1963 Harvey was employed by an advertising company to create the famous picture for buttons. People use smiley faces around the world on all kinds of merchandise. Harvey did not trademark his simple creation, and courts have determined the iconic symbol is public domain in the United States.