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12 Color Rainbow Shirt - Youth

12 Color Rainbow Shirt - Youth

Item# TD149Y

12 Color Tie Dye Rainbow Shirt - Youth

SKU:            TD149Y
Price:           $17.00
Availability: In Stock; Youth sizes; short and long sleeves
Condition:   New; 100% cotton

Product description:
A collection of bright rainbow colors tie dyed in a wide spiral pattern is available in all youth sizes.

Our most popular adult spiral pattern is stocked in youth short and long sleeves. A knock out look kids love and wear to school day after day. Just like our adult wear, this product is made on heavy weight cotton that will last a long time with cold water washing. While "passing down" to the next child does not happen much more, this is a shirt that has been passed down and around according to customer comments. This shirt is worn frequently for “tie dye” school days and certainly for fun outings.

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