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Tie dye clothing and rainbow tie dye heart shirt

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Tie Dye Heart Shirt - Rainbow Colors

SKU:            TD146
Price:           $20.00
Availability: In stock; Adult small to 5X and youth sizes
Condition:   New; 100% cotton

Product description:
A very popular and bright short sleeve tie dye heart t shirt dyed in a rainbow of colors including red, blue, and yellow. A special technique centers the heart and surrounds the main focus with cascading colors. A shirt that will cheer up everyone including you. A high quality heavy weight shirt with cotton stitching that dyes (not nylon stitching). When we say heavy weight, we mean 6.1 oz cotton which is much more durable that cheaper shirts. Thicker cotton also absorbs more dye which gives a longer lasting brighter shirt. A thicker t shirt will also hold shape longer. No more droopy necklines after a few uses. A perfect shirt for every day, but an especially great item for Valentine's Day. Buy this item and add to your gift collection for that special day. Available in shorts sleeves and adult sizes small to 5X are normally in stock.

► See youth sizes at TD146Y Youth Heart Shirt.


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