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Rainbow Christian Fish Symbol Shirt

Rainbow Christian Fish Symbol Shirt

Item# TD121

Christian Fish Symbol - Rainbow Tie Dye Shirt

SKU:            TD121
Price:           $23.00
Availability: In stock; Adult and youth sizes
Condition:   New; 100% cotton

Product description:
A beautiful Christian fish symbol shirt tie dyed in a rainbow of colors.
You can wear this wonderful t shirt to any religious event and even to a church service. An item frequently purchased not only by individuals but also by groups. Available in short and long sleeves for adults and youth. A great shirt worn by many young and old people of faith. A totally tie dye shirt made on heavy weight cotton that will last a long time with proper care.

►Available in adult, youth, and infant sizes.
►Adult small to 5X is normally in stock.
►Short and long sleeves are in stock.