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US Flag Shirts - Youth

US Flag Shirts - Youth

Item# TD071A

Tie Dye USA Flag Shirts - Youth

SKU:            TD071A
Price:           $17.00
Availability: In stock; Youth sizes xsmall to large
Condition:   New; 100% heavy weight cotton

Product description:
A fun youth sized tie dye shirt dyed in a traditional USA flag design that kids love. Cleverly designed tie dye patriotic t-shirts with traditional red, white, and blue colors. Your kids will wear these US flag shirts proudly. Identical to the adult shirt which means the family can dress alike for picnics, parades, and outings. This patriotic t-shirts have also be used for team uniforms. This product is frequently purchased for July 4th celebrations.

►As mentioned, this shirt is also available in adult sizes. See TD071 Tie dye flag shirt for details.