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Long Sleeves II

Tie dye clothing and long sleeve tie dye shirts

Long Sleeve Tie Dye Shirts for All Seasons

Tie Dyed Shop > Long Sleeves II

A continuation of our collection of high quality long sleeve tie dye shirts only sold by the Tie Dyed Shop. These items are great wardrobe addition for the fall and winter months.

These shirts are 100% cotton and pre-shrunk. Men should order 1 size larger than your normal size for a loose fit.

Hoodies - Sweatshirts

Tie dye clothing, tie dye hoodies, tie dye sweatshirts

Tie Dye Hoodies and Tie Dye Sweatshirts

Tie Dyed Shop > Hoodies and Sweatshirts

The Tie Dyed Shop sells high quality tie dye sweatshirts and tie dye hoodies. You can choose your style from a wide selection of colors including rainbow, pastel, blue, purple, black, green, and orange. The best sizing is available at this shop which includes menís, womenís, girls, boys regular and plus sizes.
Our outerwear is either 100% cotton or
an 80/20 cotton/poly blend, pre-washed, & pre-shrunk.
A loose fit may require ordering 1 size larger than your normal size.

Earth Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Marble Black Tie Dye Hoodie
Eternity Tie Dye Hoodie
Silver Pinwheel Tie Dye Hoodie
Blue Lagoon Tie Dye Hoodie
Blues Swirl Tie Dye Pullover Hoodie
Rainbow Sherbet Tie Dye Hoodie
Minty Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Pink Blue Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Cotton Candy Tie Dye Hoodie
Turquoise Tie Dye Spider Hoodie
Baby Pink Spiral Pullover Hoodie
Camouflage Swirl Tie Dye Hoodie
Blues Crinkle Tie Dye Hooded Sweatshirt
Blue Green Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Pastel Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Grumpy Cat Tie Dye Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Pastel Spiral Tie Dye Sweatshirt
Rainbow Spiral Crew Neck Tie Dye Sweatshirts
Black and Silver Tie Dye Sweatshirt
Blue Spiral Crew Neck Pullover Sweatshirt
Purple Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Blue Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Pumpkin Orange Spiral Tie Dye Hoodie
Black Spiral Tie Dye Hoodies
Tie Dye Hooded Red Spiral Sweatshirt
Kelly Green Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt
Lime Green Tie Dye Hoodies
Santa Claus Tie Dye Hoodie
Yin Yang Tie Dye Hoodie
DJ Peace Tie Dye Hoodie
Pink and Green Crinkle Pullover Sweatshirt Hooded
Waterfall Zipper Hoodie
Cotton Candy Tie Dye Sweatshirt
Grateful Dead Distressed Hooded Sweatshirt
Ladies Shirts

Tie Dye Shirts, Hoodies, and Clothing

Tie Dye Ladies shirts - cut just right for women

Tie Dyed Shop > Ladies

A classic collection of high quality spiral ladies shirts offered to our female customers. These products are styled with the ladies in mind.

Ladies shirts are 100% cotton, pre-washed, & pre-shrunk.
A loose fit will require you to order 1 size larger than your normal size.

Prairie Wine Heart Ladies Cut Tee
Breast Cancer Awareness Clothes - Ladies Cut
Heart on Purple Stretch Tank Top
Rainbow Spiral Ladies Tank Top
Navajo Tie Dye Boy Beater Tank Top
Blue/Green Spiral Boy Beater Tank
Surf Ladies Tank Top
Dawn Ladies Tank Top
Twilight Spiral Ladies Tank Top
Red Wild Blue Ladies Tie Dye Tank Top
Purple Cross V Neck
Pants - Shorts - Beach

Tie Dye Clothing, Tie Dye Shorts, Tie Dye Pants

Tie Dye Shorts, Tie Dye Pants - Colorful Indoor and Outdoor Wear

Tie Dyed Shop > Beach - Pants - Casual

A classic collection of high quality spiral tie dye shorts, tie dye pants, and beach wear only sold by the Tie Dyed Shop. These quality items are long lasting and brilliant in color..

These quality items are 100% cotton, pre-washed, & pre-shrunk.
Please order your normal size for a loose fit.

12 Color Spiral Shorts
Red White Blue Spiral Shorts
12 Color Spiral Pants
Extreme Rainbow Spiral Pants
Red White Blue Pajama Style Pants
Twilight Spiral Lounge Pants
12 Color Bathing Suit Cover-Up
Twilight Spiral Swimsuit Cover-Up
Smiley Face Swim Suit Cover-Up
Sheets & Duvets

Tie Dye Clothing, Tie Dye Bedding

Tie Dye Bedding - Sheets and Duvets

Tie Dyed Shop > Tie Dye Bedding

These tie dye bedding sets (sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers) are essentials for your bedroom areas. All sheet sets come with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcase(s). All duvet sets come with a cover and sham(s). Bedding sets are available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

12 Color Tie Dye Sheets
12 Color Spiral Duvet Cover
Orange and Pink Tie Dye Sheet Set
Orange and Pink Spiral Duvet
Twilight Tie Dye Bed Set
Twilight Spiral Duvets
Rasta Spiral Tie Dye Sheet Set
Rasta Spiral Duvet Cover
Pink and Green Spiral Tie Dye Sheet Set
Pink and Green Spiral Tie Dye Duvet Cover
Stained Glass Tie Dye Bed Sheets
Stained Glass Spiral Duvet Covers
Waterfall Spiral Tie Dyed Sheets
Waterfall Spiral Duvet Cover Set
Surf Spiral Tie Dye Bed Sheet Set
Surf Spiral Duvet Set
Tie Dye Pillow Cases

Womens tie dye dresses

Womens Tie Dye Dresses for Sale - Girls and Toddler Sizes Also

Tie Dyed Shop > Tie Dye Dresses

This page contains a collection of tie dye dresses for women, girls, and toddlers. Choose a maxi, midi, mini, t-shirt dress, summer dresses, tank, a strapless, hippie, wrap or a sundress. Fabrics available include cotton and rayon. We dye dresses in various shades including rainbow, blue and purple. Sleeve lengths include sleeveless, short, and long sleeves. Adult sizing includes regular and plus sizes.

Pink Orange Spiral Tie Dye Tank Dress
Diamond Rainbow Tie Dye Tank Dress
Rainbow Earth Tie Dye Dress
Baby Doll Tie Dye Top Skirt
Karma Open Shoulder Dress
Blue Tie Dye Tank Dress
Twilight Tie Dye T Shirt Dress
Blue Tie Dye Sleeved Dress
Shades Sun Dresses
Rainbow Swirl Butterfly Poncho Top
Rainbow Spiral Moon Dress
Rainbow Spiral Flamenco Dress
Rainbow Colored Tie Dye Sarong
Tie Dye Sarong Dress - Rainbow Colors
Rainbow Spiral Sarong Tank Dress
Rainbow Convertible Dress Skirt
Blue Purple Convertible Skirts
Multi-Color Smocked Sun Dress
Peace Sign Tank Dress
Smiley Face Tank Dress
Prairie Wine Heart Dress - Long Sleeve
Purple & Blue Peace Sign Girl Outfit
Brown with Pink Heart Girls Dress
Multi-Color Rhumba Outfit
Drop Waist Wildflower Toddler Dress
Dawn Tie Dye Flower Dress
Horizontal Crinkle Blues Dresses
Rainbow Infinity Scarf Shawl

Tie Dye Clothing and Tie Dye Bags

Stylish Tie Dye Bags

Tie Dyed Shop > Bags

The good looks continue with our premium line of tie dye bags, tie dye purses, and tie dye backpacks. A selection of items that will fit any need or any situation.

Duffel Bag
Kids Clothes

Tie Dye Clothing and Kids Tie Dye Shirts

Kids Tie Dye Shirts; an extensive line sure to bring a smile

Tie Dyed Shop > Kids Clothes

An outstanding selection of shirts for kids is presented here.. Please note that some of our kids clothes are available in adult and youth sizes for an entire family, team, play, or party look.
Kids sizes:     XS = 2 to 4     S = 6 to 8     M = 10 to 12     L = 14 to 16
Our kids tie dye clothes are 100% cotton, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk.
Order 1 size larger than your child's normal size for a better fit and growing room.

Rainbow Heart T-Shirt - Youth
Pastel Heart Tie Dye T-Shirt Youth
Rainbow Tie Dye Guitar Shirt - Youth
Steel Blue Youth Tie Dye Guitar Shirt
Rainbow Pink Spiral Tie Dye Shirt - Youth
Christian Symbols Fish T-Shirt - Youth
Reverse Vertical Oval Tie Dye Kids Unique T-Shirts
Red, Wild, Blue Spiral T-Shirt - Youth
Offset Spruce Swirl Tie Dye Shirt - Youth
Pink and Green Spiral T-Shirt - Youth
Green Shamrock Shirt Youth
Tie Dye Jungle Friends
Planet Earth on Purple Tie Dye T-Shirt - Youth
Planet Earth on Sky Blue Tie Dye T-Shirt - Youth
Blue & Purple Peace Sign T-Shirt - Youth
Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts Youth
Southwestern Canyon Style Clothing - Youth
Tie Dye Pastel Spiral T-Shirt - Youth
Crew Neck Blue Spiral Sweatshirt - Youth
Rainbow Tie Dye Smiley Face T Shirt Youth
12 Color Tie Dye Rainbow Shirt - Youth
Black Orange Tie Dye T-Shirt - Youth
Tie Dye Spiral Twilight T Shirt - Youth
Pastel Tie Dye Smiley Face Shirt - Youth
Extreme Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Kids T Shirts
Dark Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Shirt - Youth
Orange/Yellow Crinkle Christian Cross T-Shirts - Youth
Blue Crinkle Christian Cross T-Shirts - Youth
US Flag Shirts - Youth
Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Dress Shirt - Youth
Camouflage Tye Dye T-Shirts - Youth
Christmas Peace Tie Dye Shirts - Youth
Dawn Tie Dye Flowers Shirt - Youth
Rainbow Peace Sign Tie Dye T Shirt - Youth
Patriotic Peace Sign T-Shirts
Teal/Lavender Peace Sign T-Shirt - Youth
Rainbow Spiral Hoodie - Youth
Purple Hoodies - Youth
Blue Hoodies Youth
Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Tees - Youth
Scary Halloween Shirts
Snowman T-Shirt - Youth
Red Green Spiral Christmas T Shirts - Youth
Christmas Tree T-Shirt - Youth
Waterfall Zipper Hoodie
Baby & Toddler

Tie dye clothing and tie dye baby clothes

Tie Dye Baby Clothes - also for toddlers

Tie Dyed Shop > Baby

Beautiful and unique tie dye baby clothes and tie dye toddlers clothing offered for your use. Tie dye onesies, rompers, and blankets are in stock.
Tie dye baby clothes are 100% cotton, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk.
Your baby will require 1 size larger than their current clothing size.

Tie Dye Baby Blankets
Rainbow Spiral Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuits
Rainbow Toddler Rompers
Heart on Pink/Purple Crinkle Infant Creepers
Pink Crinkle Long Sleeve Baby Creeper
Extreme Rainbow Union Suit - Toddler
12 Color Union Suit - Toddler
Red Wild Blue Tie Dye Romper
Tie Dye Baby Shower Gift Set
Union Suits - Underwear

Tie dye clothing and tie dye underwear

Tie Dye Underwear, Union Suits, and Long Johns

Tie Dyed Shop > Union Suits - Underwear

Union suits (also known as long johns and long underwear) are a 1 piece underwear item long favored by men and women in North America. Our selection of tie dye underwear replicates the past, but they now come in new vibrant looks.
These items are 100% cotton, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk.
You will definitely need 1 size larger than your normal size.

Twelve Color Spiral Union Suit
Extreme Rainbow Spiral Union Suit
Twilight Spiral Union Suit
Stained Glass Union Suit
Christmas Cheer Union Suit
Cranberry Spiral Union Suit
Classic Rainbow Spiral Union Suit
Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Boxers
Accessories, Hats, Gifts

Tie dye clothing and tie dye accessories gifts

Tie Dye Accessories, Hats, and Gifts - great gifts that will be used

Tie Dyed Shop > Accessories - Gifts

If you need inexpensive tie dye hats, caps, socks, and gifts, then you are on the right page. These items are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and children's party favors. Gift giving ideas for every occasion, every situation, and even for yourself.

Tie Dye Baseball Cap - Rainbow
Tie Dye Cap - Pastel
Tie Dye Visor - Rainbow
Tie Dye Sun Visor - Pastel
Tie Dye Socks - Rainbow
Over the Calf Tie Dye Sock
Tie Dye Bucket Hat
Tie Dye Laundry Bags
Tie Dye Bandanas
Paisley Tie Dye Bandana
Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Apron
Dante's Fire Tie Dye Kitchen Apron
Tie Dye Hair Scrunchies
Tie Dye Shoelaces - Rainbow
Tube Socks
Tie Dye Tapestries
Tie Dye Headbands
Rainbow Tie Dye Dog Shirts
Tie Dye House Shoes - Rainbow and Pastel
Tie Dye Masks - Rainbow Colors
Tie Dye Face Mask - Pastel Rainbow
Email Gift Certificates
Colorful Tie Dye Doo Rags
Duffel Bag

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