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We offer this page to help our customers research their tie dye needs and general company information. At the Tie Dyed Shop we are very proud of our high quality tie dye products, and we work very hard to provide the best customer service. If you have any reservations about us, please read our customer testimonials to learn what our actual customers say about us. You can always contact us for help as many customers do call us weekly.

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High Quality Tie Dye Products

A detail description is provided on each product. If you need more information, please contact us.

Extreme rainbow tie dye shirt

Spirals I
The tie dye spiral was a popular t-shirt in the 1960s and early 1970s. These shirts were frequently made by individuals, and the design frequently involved a clockwise or counter clockwise spiral with varying colors. The Tie Dyed Shop offers these shirts which resemble the shirts of the past except they are much prettier. With modern dyes and manufacturing techniques, these shirts are much bolder and longer lasting.

Tie Dye Pink

  • Spirals II
    The Tie Dyed Shop offers this second page of adult spiral tie dye t-shirts. These shirts are unique, brilliant in colors, and meet the high quality standard we require in our premium shirts.

Pink and Green Clothing

  • Spirals III
    The Tie Dyed Shop offers this third page of premium spiral tie dye shirts. As always we are here to answer any questions such as sizing and colors.

Camo tie dye

  • Crinkles
    The crinkle shirt is a modern variation of tie dyeing techniques. A spiral or exact design is not involved, but rather the shirt has a "crinkly" look of the same color in light and dark shades. The Tie Dyed Shop offers these crinkle shirts which look great in any situation or can be easily screen printed for teams and events.

Breast Cancer Awareness Tie Dye T Shirt

  • Designs I
    The Tie Dyed Shop is especially proud of the next 4 pages of tie dye clothing as these pages offer our specialty shirts. Many of these shirts were especially designed for this store and are not available anywhere else.

  • Designs II
    This section is a continuation of our adult specialty tie dye t-shirts. These shirts contain unique designs that are only offered by the Tie Dyed Shop.

Tie Dye Guitar Shirt

  • Designs III
    This section is a further continuation of our adult specialty tie dye t-shirts. The unique designs within these sections have dressed thousands of people. We get many emails complimenting us as the actual shirts are even better looking than the pictures. The Tie Dyed Shop offers these shirts for your review.

  • Peace Sign Shirts
    This section provides a complete list of our peace sign tie dye shirts. Peace sign shirts were extremely popular in the decades of the 60s and 70s, but the popularity has seen a resurgence the last 5 years. The Tie Dye Shop offers these select tie dye peace sign shirts most of which cannot be found at any other site.

  • Sport Shirts
    A unique tie dye products offering are our sport shirts. The Tie Dyed Shop offers these collared shirts which meet the same high quality standards for color and wear as our premium t-shirts. These shirts have been sold for every day wear and for events such as golf tournaments.

Orange and Yellow Cross Christian Tie Dye Tee Shirts

  • Christian Shirts
    A special line of Christian shirts, clothing, and gifts. These items are frequently not only to church groups but also to individuals.

  • Long Sleeves I
    The Tie Dyed Shop proudly offers 2 pages of long sleeve tie dye shirts. These shirts are heavy weight, colorful, long lasting, and perfect for the fall and winter months.

  • Long Sleeves II
    The Tie Dyed Shop proudly offers this second page of long sleeve shirts. The shirt like all of our premium tie dye shirts are the high quality and long lasting. Should you have any questions about our honesty, product quality, or customer service, please read our customer testimonials or call us.

Tie Dyed Sweatshirts

  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts
    The Tie Dyed Shop proudly offers these long sleeve hoodies for the cold months. These items are perfect for jogging, casual wear, and as gifts.

Boy Beater Tank

  • Ladies Shirts
    The Tie Dyed Shop proudly offers these ladies cut items.

Tie Dye Purse

  • Bags
    The Tie Dyed Shop proudly offers these tie dye bags and purses.

Extreme rainbow tie dye pants

Twilight Tie Dye Sheets

  • Sheets and Bedding
    The Tie Dyed Shop proudly offers these tie dye bedding sets and duvet covers.

  • Kids Clothes I
    The Tie Dyed Shop offers 3 pages of select tie dye kids clothes. You will find some of these shirts in the adult section also which allows you to buy matching shirts for adults and youth. This makes buying for families, school functions, and youth teams easy as you can buy identical shirts in youth and adult sizes. We also offer several of these shirts in youth XS which will fit larger toddlers.

  • Kids Clothes II
    The Tie Dyed Shop offers this second page of premium tie dye kids clothes. These shirts are the same top quality as our adult shirts and will last through many cold water machine cycles.

Tie Dye Infant Receiving Blankets

  • Tie Dye Baby & Toddler Clothes
    The Tie Dyed Shop offers these products for your infants and toddlers. These products include creepers and rompers, and the colors are bright and lively. These clothes receive many compliments from parents and gift givers.

  • Tie Dye Dresses.
    A very nice line of tie dye dresses in all sizes and colors. The selection includes sleeveless, sleeved, cotton dresses, rayon dresses, adult and youth sizes.

Oversized Tie Dye Towels

  • Tie Dye Accessories and Gift Ideas
    This section offers additional ideas for gifts and accessories. Many people find items to add on to an existing order for just as gifts when in doubt. The Tie Dyed Shop hopes these items match your needs and as always call us if you have questions.

  • Tie Dye Underwear, Long Johns, and Union Suites
    This section offers something different in union suits. Union suits are like long handle underwear and were popular in early American days. These union suits take it another level with the bright colors. The Tie Dyed Shop proudly offers these products for your review.

  • Cheap Tie Dye Shirts
    A special page designed for budget needs. Whether you are buying for yourself or a function, these shirts will satisfy your needs.

Company Information

General information is supplied here about our company. If cannot find any information you need, please contact us.

  • About Us
    We are a small home business trying to pay the bills like all of us.
  • How to Contact Us
    We want you to contact us! Please see this page for the ways you can reach us with your questions.
  • Privacy Policy
    We value your privacy. We will not sell disclose any private information about you.
  • Terms of Use
    Our terms of use for our site usage, text, and pictures.

Ordering Information

General information is supplied here about how to order, track your order, and return procedures. If cannot find any information you need, please contact us.

Holiday and Special Sale Pages

A section for those pages that feature our product on special days we celebrate and organizations.

Odds and Ends

A section for those pages that just do not fit anywhere else.

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More Information to Help Instill Confidence About Us

The Tie Dyed Shop is a nationally established company with recognized brands offering high quality clothing for all ages and all sizes. If you have comments, questions, or reviews, then call us at 770-254-6392 or use our contact form .

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