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New Tie Dye Products
Space Face
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Pastel ears
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Purple Rain
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GD Fare Thee

Grateful Dead
Fare Thee Well
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Kaleidescope Tie Dye T Shirt
Tie Dye T Shirt
Pink Gray Tie Dye T Shirt
Pink Gray
Tie Dye T Shirt
Rainbow bear
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Russo turtle tie dye shirt

Tie Dye Shirts for the Summer Season
American flag tie dye shirt

American Flag
Tie Dye Shirts
Patriotic shield tie dye shirt

Patriotic Shield
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Red wild blue tie dye shirt

Red Wild Blue
Tie Dye Shirts
Patriotic oval

Patriotic Oval
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Patriotic guitar tie dye shirt

Patriotic Guitar
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Patriotic peace tie dye shirt

Patriotic Peace
Tie Dye Shirts
Patriotic peace tie dye shirt Patriotic Peace
Tie Dye Shirts
Biker Stryker tie dye shirt

Biker Stryker
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Patriotic tie dye collared shirt

Patriotic Collared
Tie Dye Shirts
Patriotic spiral tie dye shirt

Patriotic Spiral
Tie Dye Shirts
USA flag tie dye shirt

USA flag
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Patriotic oval tie dye shirt

Patriotic Oval
Tie Dye Shirts

spiral extreme

Tie Dye Shirts for Everyone

For over ten years our extensive selection of high quality tie dye shirts, clothing, hoodies, dresses, and tie dye sheets has satisfied over 50,000 customers. Our wide product line includes t shirts, golf shirts, dresses, toddlers tie dye clothing, sweatshirts, socks, bags, grateful dead, and tie dye bedding.

pastel tie dye t shirts with peace

The bright patterns, original designs, and quality of our tie dye clothes is unsurpassed. We take extra care in processing your orders. We also use high quality white goods and dyes to produce better products. One purchase and you will see the difference tens of thousands of happy customers have already found.

twelve color spiral rainbow

No matter how you spell tie dye we are your best online source for quality clothing. So buy tie dye shirts, sweatshirts, and bedding from the store with the highest quality, largest selection, and the best customer feedback. From aprons to socks, we are a one stop shop.

12 color tie dye bedding Need convincing TDS is your best bet?
Read our customer testimonials for comments like:

►I think I have ordered from you 4 times...and I have been very pleased with what I ordered. Whenever I think of tie dye I'll think of you..
Thank you for everything..Love Love Love the clothes. ◄
Rainbow Swirl Tie Dye Hoodies

Our Tie Dye Products
- Spirals - Crinkles - Sheets
- Kid Clothing - Baby Clothes - Peace Clothes
- Hoodies and sweatshirts - Polo & Golf - Short & Long Sleeves
- Christian - Socks - Dresses
Rainbow Sleeves on Black

Tie Dye Clothing for Adults

We offer several lines of quality adult tie dye t shirts. Visit the multi-color classic spiral sections at Spirals 1 , Spirals 2 , and Spirals 3. These tie dyed shirts resemble the classic look of the 60s but with modern bright patterns and colors. Tie styles include southwestern style shirts, rasta clothing, mardi gras, shamrock, grateful dead, peace sign, and red, white, and blue shirts. Our products run the range from bold and brash to soft and subdued. Take your pick. We use a variety of t-shirt blanks including anvil, gildan, comfort colors, hanes, and American apparel. There will be some sizing variation between these suppliers. Please call or email with your questions concerning sizing.

Reverse Vertical Oval Unusual
If you need clothing with a crinkle look, see our crinkle selection at Crinkles. We are particuarly proud of our specialty tie line with their very unique patterns. We have devoted 3 pages for these bold options at Unique 1, Designs 2, Unique Designs 3, and Designs IV. Included in our design pages are earth clothing, smiley face t-shirts, breast cancer awareness shirts, US flag tees, guitar tees, and much more.

Rainbow heart Our Peace Sign shirts are a must for those who remember with fondness 1960's and 70s. These tees are popular for parties, class reunions, and parent/kid outings. Most dyed t-shirts come in a variety of sizes up to 6X, and some designs are available with collars at Sport Shirts. Our longsleeves can be viewed at Long Sleeves I and LongSleeves II, and our religious clothing is located at our Christian section

Earth shirt
These vintage tees are created with quality materials. We start with heavyweight blanks and add the finest dyes that will last many washings and still look great. Buy one or more for yourself, your family, or as gifts. You can also use the the crinkle tees which can be found at Crinkles as blanks for silk screening and team uniforms. If you are looking for a bargain, visit Cheap Tie Dye .

Uses for Our Shirts
- Casual Clothing - Hippie Clothes - 60s Clothes
- Retro Clothing - Party Clothes - Team Clothing
- Club Clothing - Company Picnics - Reunions

Rainbow Guitar Rainbow Peace Sign

Tie Dye Clothes for Kids

Kids look great in these clothes, and they like the bright colors. Visit our selection at Kids Clothes 1 and Kids Clothes 2. From spirals to symbols, from pastel to bright, these t shirts provide a great look to kids.

Baby Rompers

Tie Dye Baby Clothes

Heart & Pink/Purple Crinkle Infant Creepers
Do not over look your babies when shopping here as we provide pretty tie dye clothing for infants and toddlers. Please see our premium line of baby apparel at Baby & Toddler which includes rompers and creepers.

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