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holiday tie dye shirts
holiday tie dye shirts
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holiday t shirts

holiday tie dye shirt

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Tie Dye Shirts - awesome colors and styles

A large selection of high quality tie dye t-shirts and tie dye collared shirts.
Short and long sleeves along with adult and youth sizes are in stock.

Know Our Difference

Tie Dye T Shirts

tie dye spiral shirts ...see more...

Peace Sign
Tie Dye T Shirt
Peace sign tie dye shirts ...see more...
Tie Dye T Shirt
tie dye crinkle shirts ...see more...

Tie Dye T Shirts
Tie dye band shirts
...see more...
Unique Designs
Tie Dye T Shirt
tie dye shirt designs ...see more...

Tie Dye Shirts
Collared tie dye shirts
...see more...
Heavy weight 6.1 oz cotton

Adult small to 6X

Youth tie dye clothing also

All tie dye clothes are in stock

Short and long sleeves

Overnight shipping available

Cotton stitching (not nylon)

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Tie Dye Hoodies - Buy Several for the Season

Tie dye pullover hoodies, zipper hoodies, and sweatshirts are in stock.

Tie Dye Outerwear

Tie Dye Hoodies
Pullover tie dye hoodies ...more...
Tie Dye Hoodies
Zipper tie dye hoodies ...more...
Tie Dye
Tie dye sweatshirts ...more...
Heavyweight fabric

Adult small thru 4X

Youth sizes also

Vibrant colors

Tie Dye Sheets and Bedding

Quality tie dye sheets and tie dye bedding in stock.

Fun Time Bedding

12 Color
Tie Dye Bedding
12 color tie dye bedding ...and more 
tie dye sheets
Tie Dye Bedding
Twilight spiral tie dye bedding ...and more 
tie dye sheets
Tie Dye Bedding
Twilight spiral tie bedding ...and more 
tie dye sheets

300 Thread Count Cotton

Twin, Twin XLong

Full, Queen, King



Tie Dyed Shop - so why choose us?

Customer Reviews

For over ten years the Tie Dyed Shop brand has been known for a high quality and extensive selection of tie dye shirts, clothing, hoodies, dresses, and sheets. We have satisfied over thousands of individuals, families, and teams. Our wide product line includes t shirts, golf shirts, dresses, toddler clothing, sweatshirts, socks, bags, grateful dead, and bedding. Our brand is recognized throughout the country for high quality and personal customer service.

The company is very proud of our product lines. We take extra care in processing your orders. We also use high quality white goods and dyes to produce better products. With each purchase you will see the difference our happy customers have already found. Visit each section. If you have questions, please email or call us.

The tie dye process was developed thousands of years ago in Asia. While the science has changed with modern dyes, techniques, and fabric, the basic craft is still the same. Fabric in tied in intricate ways and the dye is poured on. Sounds so easy, but the tie dye shirts we provide require a very high skill level. We use the best of the best to create the unique designs within this site. We have always stood out with the quality our tie dyers provide.
  I think I have ordered from you 4 times...and I have been very pleased with what I ordered. Whenever I think of tie dye I'll think of you..Thank you for everything..Love Love Love the tie dye clothes.
I have been ordering t-shirts from you for a long time now. Just wanted to let you know I have always been happy with your service and quality. Thanks for the wonderful service over the years and don't change your quality EVER.
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