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Union suits (also known as longjohns and long underwear) are a 1 piece underwear garmets long favored by men and women in North America. Our selecton of tie dye underwear replicate the past, but they come in new vibrant looks.
These garmets are 100% cotton, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk.
You will definitely need 1 size larger than your normal size.

Tie Dye Union Suit  - Extreme Rainbow
Tie Dye Union Suit - Extreme Rainbow

Lot of colors in tie dye underwear

An unusual but useful gift for those people who are hard to please. These garmetsmcontain the same colors found on our extreme rainbow shirts. This product is a bit different but popular nonetheless with a select group.

►Sizes small to 4X in stock.
►Infant sizes available for $10 less.

Cranberry Spiral Unionsuit
Cranberry Spiral Unionsuit

Tie Dye Long Johns - Cranberry Color Shades

Our male predecessors would have been proud wearing this clothing. Cranberry spiral undies are now available to protect you from the long winter months.

►Small thru 4X sizes are normally in stock.

Twelve Color Tie Dye Long Johns
Twelve Color Tie Dye Long Johns

Awesome popular colors

This item is another unusual and visually attractive gift. Brightly colored union suits that contain an assortment of complimentary colors. This product is styled just like our very popular twelve color short sleeve and long sleeve shirts.

►Infant sizes available for $10 less.
►Adult sizes small through 4X are in stock.

Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Unionsuits
Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Unionsuits

Classic rainbow styling

Another variation of a sure win present. A multi-color union suit that is beautiful and functional. Buy this item for anyone as a gift or buy a set for a romantic weekend.

►Available in small - 4X.

Twilight Tie Dye Underwear
Twilight Tie Dye Underwear

Shades of Blue and Purple

A very popular pattern that is now available in union suits. Subtle shades of purple and blue are dyed to create a beautiful pattern.

Stained Glass Cotton Tie Dye Union Suit
Stained Glass Cotton Tie Dye Union Suit

Stained Glass Look

A pattern originally perfected with our shirts is now available in union suits. A creative fusion of colors which includes black creates a striking garmet.

Christmas Cheer Union Suits
Christmas Cheer Union Suits

One of Kind for the Season

You got to love this union suit for the best season of the year.

Mens Boxers - Rainbow Spiral
Mens Boxers - Rainbow Spiral

Tie Dye Underwear Boxers

You cannot go wrong with these mens boxers. An elastic waist, a fly front, and a popular design produce a hot item for every man.

TD289$20.00Select Adult Size: 

►Need more information, call us at 770-254-6392 or use our contact form.
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