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The good looks continue with these spiral tees. Note that many of our short sleeve shirts can be purchased in long sleeves, youth sizes, and even infant wear.

Our tie dye t-shirts are already shrunk 1/2 a size.
Want a loose fit - then order 1 size larger.

12 Color Spiral Rainbow Tie Dye T Shirts
12 Color Spiral Rainbow Tie Dye T Shirts

A Rainbow of Colors - Very Popular

An exciting popular shirt with 12 color shades in the popular swirl pattern. A bright cheery shirt for people who love multi-colored clothes.

►Small to 6X sizes in stock.
►Long sleeves available at Long Sleeves II.
►Matching youth sizes at Kids Clothes III.
►Matching baby rompers at Baby & Toddler.

TD149$20.50Adult Sizes: 
Cranberry Spiral T-Shirt
Cranberry Spiral T-Shirt

Multi Color - Lots of Cranberry

Classic cranberry spiral tie dye look. A complementary mixture of colors including cranberry, green, blue, and lavender gives these shirts a true 60s look. A high quality tee that is great for every day and every party.

►Visit TD138 Cranberry Spiral for adult long sleeves.
►Visit TD018Y Cranberry Spiral Youth for kid sizes.

TD018$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Spiral Red White and Blue Shirts
Spiral Red White and Blue Shirts

Patriotic Colors - Wide Spirals

Show off your red, white, and blue in style with this tie dye appparel. This clothing has a patriotic feel that never goes out of style. Wear these shirts everyday and in particular to patriotic gatherings such as a 4th of July celebration.

Orange and Pink Tie Dye Tee
Orange and Pink Tie Dye Tee

Striking but beautiful colors

The striking combination of pink and orange combine to create a fresh spiral tie dye look.

TD330$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Red Wild Blue Spiral Tie Dye T-Shirt
Red Wild Blue Spiral Tie Dye T-Shirt

Very popular patriotic look

Red, white, and blue in a different spiral pattern. A shirt that can be worn every day and even to patriotic events.

►Adult small to 6X sizes in stock.

TD144$20.00Select Size: 
Mardi Gras T-Shirt Tie Dye Spiral
Mardi Gras T-Shirt Tie Dye Spiral

Traditional New Orleans festival colors

Wide spirals combine with New Orleans party colors to create sensational Mardi Gras clothing. A unique shirt for every party day and especially every February.

TD274$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Pink and Green Clothing T-Shirt
Pink and Green Clothing T-Shirt

Alternating bands of pink & green

Wide bands of pink and green create unique tie dye t-shirts. Contrasting colors that are very popular dyed on a heavyweight tee.

►See TD287Y Pink and Green Clothes for youth sizes.

TD287$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Gold n Blue Tie Dye T Shirt
Gold n Blue Tie Dye T Shirt

Popular school colors

This blue and gold spiral tee is a great way to show off your school colors. Buy in bulk for use as a fund raiser.

TD326$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Mens Tank Tops
Mens Tank Tops

Beat the heat in fashion

Tank tops dyed in several of our most popular designs Wide arm openings and full styling makes this shirt popular with men for the warm months.

TD164$18.00Adult Sizes: 

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