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More of the classic high quality spiral tie dye t-shirt looks you expect from us . We hope you can find clothing that meets your taste from our extensive selection. As with all of our premium items, these tie dye designs are hand dyed and the highest quality.

These t-shirts have been pre-shrunk 1/2 size.
Please remember this when determining the size you need.

Twilight Spiral T Shirt
Twilight Spiral T Shirt

Various shades of blue and purple

A pretty tie dye design shirt that includes subdued shades of purple and blue. A long lasting heavy weight item with complimentary colors. Tie-dye t-shirt designs with a beautiful and different look.

►Adult small to 6X in stock.
►See long sleeves at TD140 Twilight Tie Dye Long Sleeves.

Rainbow Tie Dye Pink Shirt
Rainbow Tie Dye Pink Shirt

We call it killer pink

Beautiful tie dye designs that fits females of all ages. This shirt is identical to our youth version, and the shirt contains lots of pink plus complimentary colors such as purple, blue, orange, yellow, red, green. A long time popular item with young girls, this shirt is now available in adult sizes due to customer requests.

►See our youth sizes at TD041 Pink Tie Dye Shirt.
►Small to 6X is in stock.

Rainbow Earth T-Shirts
Rainbow Earth T-Shirts

Green and earthly shades

A perfect combination of earth tone colors produces a modern stylish green friendly look.

TD329$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Light Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt
Light Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt

Rainbow colors but soft

Soft rainbow colors and the classic spiral design create a nice looking tie dye design t-shirt.

TD381$20.00Select Size: 
Tan Spiral Tees
Tan Spiral Tees

Tan, brown, and green colors

These tees with subtle shades in a classic pattern have been popular for over 10 years. This clothing contains contrasting colors which include greens, tans, and reds. The subtle look, the contrasting hues, and the swirl pattern gives a vintage 60's look which is especially popular with females.

►Ladies cut styling available for this shirt at Ladies Cut.

Camouflage Tie Dye
Camouflage Tie Dye

Outdoor shades for outdoor wearing

Subdued clothes in camouflage pattern and colors. A very nice shirt for people who like the warm earth colors and the outdoor look.

►See long sleeves at TD125LS Tye Dye T-Shirt.
►See youth sizes at TD125Y Tye Dye T-Shirts.
►Small to 6X are in stock.

Pastel  Spiral Tie Dye Shirt
Pastel Spiral Tie Dye Shirt

Traditional spiral with pastel shades

A recent addition to our very popular spiral shirt line is this soft pastel t-shirt. Dyed on an all cotton heavy weight short sleeve blank and designed (as requested by our customers) to include soft subdued pastel colors.

See youth sizes at TD214 Tie Dye Pastel.

Rasta Clothes - Spiral Tee
Rasta Clothes - Spiral Tee

The islands come alive

Rasta tee shirts for outdoor living. Bright island rasta colors tie dyed in wide spirals for a summer look.

TD272$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Black and Orange Tie Dye Shirt
Black and Orange Tie Dye Shirt

Spiral bands of orange and black

Black and orange provides for a new tie dye design. A high quality and unique t-shirt that is perfect for halloween and parties.

►See TD311Y Orange Tie Dye for youth sizes.

TD311$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Purple n Gold Tie Dye T-Shirt
Purple n Gold Tie Dye T-Shirt

Popular team colors

Purple and gold are favorite colors for teams, schools, and clubs. Buy in bulk with screen printing for fund raising efforts.

TD327$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Orange and Pink Tie Dye Tee
Orange and Pink Tie Dye Tee

Striking but beautiful colors

The striking combination of pink and orange combine to create a fresh spiral tie dye look.

TD330$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Red Wild Blue Spiral Tie Dye T-Shirt
Red Wild Blue Spiral Tie Dye T-Shirt

Very popular patriotic look

Red, white, and blue in a different spiral pattern. A shirt that can be worn every day and even to patriotic events.

►Adult small to 6X sizes in stock.

TD144$20.00Select Size: 
Mardi Gras T-Shirt Spiral
Mardi Gras T-Shirt Spiral

Traditional New Orleans festival colors

Wide spirals combine with New Orleans party colors to create sensational Mardi Gras clothing. A unique shirt for every party day and especially every February.

TD274$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Electric Blue n Purple Spiral Tie Dye TShirt
Electric Blue n Purple Spiral Tie Dye TShirt

Juiced up blend of colors

A novel new look that combines electric colors and the spiral design.

TD306$20.00Adult Sizes: 
Blue Green Stained Glass Spiral Tie Dye Shirt
Blue Green Stained Glass Spiral Tie Dye Shirt

Blue and Green Colors

A mysterious look combining blue and green colors with a tight spiral design.


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